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SAT Reading Comprehension

The SAT Critical Reading component is designed to test skills in vocabulary, reasoning, and reading. The section does this through two distinct question types: Sentence Completions and Reading Comprehension

SAT Sentence Completion Questions

SAT Sentence Completion questions are your friend because they’re the fastest question type. You can earn more points in less time because there is no passage to read—just a sentence with one or two blanks that you need to fill-in.

On the SAT, you’ll notice that Sentence Completion question sets are arranged in order of difficulty. The first few might be pretty straightforward and manageable. The middle few will be a little harder, and the last few questions will be the most difficult.

SAT Reading Comprehension Questions

There are two kinds of SAT Reading Comprehension passages: short and long. Short passages are approximately 100-150 words long, and are typically followed by two questions. Long passages are approximately 400-850 words long and are typically followed by 8-13 questions.

The passages and questions are predictable. The topics are drawn from the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and fiction. The questions drill you about the overall tone and content of the passage, the details used, and what the author’s overall meaning may be. You will also have one or more paired passage question sets consisting of two related excerpts. Those questions ask you to compare and contrast the two passages.

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