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Summer Program

By encouraging our students to think, discuss, and challenge themselves, we are providing a unique academic atmosphere this summer. We are also providing updated redesigned SAT & PSAT classes.
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C.C.B. School aides students and parents with the college admissions process through our personalized college counseling sessions.
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Through additional class time and field trips, our outreach program enriches students' curriculum with real world applications and experiences.
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Test Prep

We combine essential test-taking tools and techniques with an engaging learning environment to level up our students' scores. The C.C.B. method is proven to produce results.


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to our school

page1-img1The C.C.B. Philosophy

John Hahm

C.C.B. School loves its students, and we love watching them grow.  We provide the materials, technology, and techniques in an exciting learning environment where students receive the best quality of instruction.

We track our students' progress through leveled diagnostics, and modern educational technology, without a loss of personalized attention.  We emphasize building academic skill and strong character, as students work together and learn together.

We have an excellent team of experienced teachers who dedicate their time to the students and an active curriculum that meets the evolving standards in today's New York classroom.  As our students grow, so do we- C.C.B. teachers never stop learning and working to improve.  We will be implementing some exciting online technology in the future, so please check with us soon!

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Help and FAQ

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Request Info

Programs & Contacts


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