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Guided by a strong educational philosophy that values systematic and consistent child-centered educating, we encourage students to think, explore, and learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect and competitiveness.


C.C.B. School is here to help aid students and parents with the college admissions process through our individualized college counseling sessions.


C.C.B. School's outreach program is designed to enrich the lives of students both inside and outside the classroom.


In order to solve global environmental problems it is necessary to combine the knowledge of people from all around the world.



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page1-img1The C.C.B Philosophy

John Hahm

C.C.B. School values the importance of providing students with proper materials, effective problem-solving techniques, and a comfortable learning environment where they receive personalized attention.

We have an excellent team of experienced teachers, professors, and researchers who work tirelessly to create high quality materials and courses to meet the evolving standards for success in today’s education system. Among our vast selection of specialized courses, a few of the most notable are: reading and writing intensive programs for younger grades, highly-effective test preparation courses, and personalized online discussion courses.